Intake Manifold for a Husqvarna 2003-2007 SM/TC/TE 250/450/510cc

  • Intake Manifold for a Husqvarna 2003-2007 SM/TC/TE 250/450/510cc

WARNING! This does NOT fit bikes with fuel injection.

The custom manifold will likely fit Husqvarna models SM/TC/TE with displacement of 250/450/510cc from years 2003 to 2007 according to OEM part numbers from KTM Parts Pro. I will accept returns of this product if it does not fit. Some of the Husqvarna part numbers are listed below. This list may or may not cover all the relevant part numbers.

800099664 Union TE 250
8000A2121 Union TC 250
8000A5737, 8000A2977 Union 250
800099887 Union 400
8000A5783 Union 450-510
8000A0031 Union 450

Details and installation instructions can be found on my blog here.

What is included in the kit?
* Custom aluminum intake
* One recessed hex bolt (two flange bolts listed are not included)
* Nitrile intake tube/hose
* Nitrile o-ring to seal against cylinder head
* Two hose clamps

The intake manifold is custom machined from aluminum. One bolt on the left side of the motorcycle needs to be replaced with an recessed bolt so the bolt does not interfere with the intake tube. For the other two bolts the stock flange bolts can be used. The tube is custom made from nitrile hose that is 100% gas resistant. Two hose clamps replace the single hose clamp to attach the manifold to the tube and the tube to the carburetor.

TE250, TE450, TE510
TC250, TC450, TC510
SM250, SM450, SM510